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Nominated for Outstanding Ensemble Production by Berkshire Theatre Critics Association

THEATRE REVIEW: Living Room Theatre’s ‘Three Sisters’ an arresting experience in a modern setting

"As her husband, Andy,  Jay Reum plays weakness as a strength. He is never a whiner, but his demeanor is that of a mouse rather than a man. He is wonderful portraying a female-dominated male who regrets his own decisions and resents those of his sisters. Not quite sympathetic, he is nevertheless a tragic hero, a man who cannot act on his own behalf after taking that exact step in marrying outside the family’s wishes." - J. Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Edge


Living Room Theatre's "Adam and Evie" speaks to love

"...the chance to see this kind of quilt work of a funny, thoughtful, and quite sensual performance is rare indeed, and to see it in any kind of regional theater is almost unheard of. This, along with the superior acting of the young Thespians under Zinn's aegis, are excellent reasons to go see 'Adam and Evie.'" - Telly Halkias, Bennington Banner

Picture provided by Lloyd Mulvery and featured in the Berkshire Eagle


Review: Clever Little Lies

 "As the son Jay Reum pulls out all the stops, ranting, sucking it up, loving and caring and caring not to care, one emotion after another without pause. For an introductory appearance at the Ghent Playhouse it is a wonderful first shot and leaves hope for more appearances in the future." - J. Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Edge

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Review: Quit the Road, Jack

"The most engaging performances were that of Jay Reum as Jack, who was often gifted with somewhat witty one-liners." - Alexandra Ley, StageBuddy

"In that moment, I felt that Reum was finally given the opportunity to dig in and show the sweet, passionate, hopeful and determined side of Jack... Which he does with refreshing honesty." - Chrisena Ricci, The ArtsWire Weekly  

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